Monday, June 17, 2002

If there's anything you can be proud of about Filipinos, it's how good they are with computers. Dropped by Blueskies today just to find out that they already have a pirated copy of Warcraft 3, which isn't due to be released until July 3.

Of course I couldn't resist but when I came home, I find out that I have a video compatability problem. Guess I won't be playing Warcraft on my home computer.

School was surprisingly okay. Since it was the first day of classes, I didn't have much to expect. It also dawned on me that I'll only be having one class tomorrow. Which is a good thing.

In my twisted aspirations of being a stalker, I've always made it my goal to meet someone new or make a new friend at least once a week. I have a feeling I won't meet that criteria this school year.


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