Sunday, June 16, 2002

I think I should write down my thoughts before I forget. Like I always do. Anyway, strangely, my other blog gets more attention than this one. I wonder why. It doesn't even get updated.

Second, after an entire summer of reading nothing but fantasy... I'm sick and tired of the fantasy genre. It's time to take a break. Maybe I'll get that Conan Doyle book that's in my bookshelf for the past two years.

Oh yeah, nearly died laughing when I read Garr's blog. Me? Exercising grammar, syntax, and all? Yeah right. I don't even know what those things are. If you really wanna know how and why I write, visit my other blog (which is strangely more popular than this one...damn it!). It's longer too. =)

As for Benj, writing isn't in his blood. He just took journalism for a degree. =) Benj loves engineering, but not more than he loves computers.

Last but not least, milk. For someone who doesn't have a sense of smell, I'm surprised someone finds milk repugnant. Maybe soya milk perhaps? Or yakult? Ulcer must be kicking in. I, on the other hand, can live for days without food.

Hmmm, school starts tomorrow. Better look for a carpool else I'll have to take an hour walk going home.


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