Saturday, June 08, 2002

I've also been tracking down Les/Rei for the past few days in an attempt to compile info regarding Pinoy Otaku's history. I'm making it official and I've already talked to the founder of the web ring, Uly. Now all I need is to talk to Les since I've already talked to her partner in crime, Sp.

Also, to Benj, I don't really fret about people reading my BLOG. I'm just curious (and insane by the way). Strangely enough, my own views are responsible for at least four hits. The rest goes to Benj, Garr, Mia, and strangely enough, people from New Zealand and Singapore. I wonder who they could be. And of course, it looks like Microsoft rules the world as I'm the only one using Netscape. Hmmmm...


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