Friday, June 07, 2002

I read the Narnia Chronicles last year when I borrowed them from Elbert. As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, I thought it was best to read the authors acclaimed for their work in the genre. How did I find it?

I almost threw the book upon reading the last book, "The Final Battle". It was a good thing it wasn't my copy because if it was, I would have ripped the book to shreds. I exclaimed "what kind of an ending is that?". Also, the series was patriarchal and too Christian. Heroines had to wear dresses and all the heroes were naive. While the book was based on Christian mythology, even the Bible wasn't that hard pressed on religion.

When my friend Ela asked me how I found it, I said that it was too preachy and Christian. But why am I rambling about this just now?

Philip Pullman, writer of His Dark Matters trilogy, confirmed my beliefs. There's an article about it entitled Narnia books attacked as racis and sexist. Couldn't agree more. And somebody did point out at the Pinoy Exchange board that Narnia's villains were clearly Turks. There's children's literature for you.


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