Saturday, June 08, 2002

Saw the last episode of Hunter x Hunter today. The OAV was so cool!!! Well, it was finely balanced since neither the protagonists nor the antagonists were truly beaten. The Genei Ryodan still stands, although it lost half its members and its leaders may still exact a revenge. Kurapika has his agenda partially fulfilled. Hopefully they get to animate the next story arc.

Because I was so mesmerized by the show, spent the last few hours downloading the opening and ending theme of Hunter x Hunter. I browsed through five pages of Google until I finally found a site that had the mp3s. The site I ended up wasn't even English but oh well, it was complete. I even got the instrumentals to the opening theme and the ending themes of the TV series.

As I was waiting for the last episode of Hunter x Hunter to air, I was channel surfing until I saw Teknoman at Solar channel. The first time I saw the English dub of Tekkaman Blade was when I was in Canada six or seven years ago. The dubbing was decent although I miss the theme song of the Japanese original. What was bad though is that later, I found out they cut the show in midseason. It ended with a cliffhanger and believe me, when I say cliffhanger, it really leaves something hanging. It's like watching Back to the Future 2, or perhaps even Empire Strikes Back without seeing the third film of the trilogy.

Anyway, Tekkaman Blade was eventually shown on the Star Phoenix channel, albeit dubbed in Chinese so I did get to see it in its entirety. Seeing it earlier today reminded me how angsty the show really was. The main character, D-boy, always runs a risk of becoming "evil" when he dons his hi-tech armor to save Earth. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's fighting his surviving relatives. Add the fact that there's a general who merely wants to use you for military purposes and you've got a position no one would envy you.

D-boy's far from your ideal hero. In fact, he even refuses to fight since he might hurt his friends. Reminded me of Evangelion. But Shinji was much, much worse. But still, maybe this was where Eva drew its roots.

Overall, it wasn't bad for a remake, the original being Tekkaman, which was done by Tatsunoko. Interestingly enough, as I was reading an article from Animation World Network, Tatsunoko Production was responsible for the animation of Macross and the reason why Southern Cross and Mospeada got compiled into Robotech was because it was a package deal. Tatsunoko Pro also made those anime and Carl Macek bought them along with Macross so that he could air a "cartoon" that was at least 65 episodes long.


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