Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Another day passes by and people's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

AEGIS, the RPG mailing list I'm in, is so awed by Anime Quest that they're suggesting being Telesuccess' lapdog. For one thing, they want to be associated with the company since they expect that they'll be a constant presence in upcoming cons. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In all four anime conventions last year, they were only present in one: namely the one they're sponsoring. This year, the tentative cons are the ones going to be held by We Are Anime (which is this Saturday), AXN, probably FEATA, and hopefully one by Cosplayers World (and probably one more by DOC). In all probability, I don't think Telesuccess will be present in any of those other cons.

Dariel from AEGIS is also enamored at Angeli from Telesuccess so much so that be believed her when she said that the We Are Anime con is nothing more than a "party". Shows you how naive and gullible (or stupid) some people are. First and foremost, it is an event and while there will be partying, it's still an interactive occassion. I told them so but did they listen to me? Oh well. Their loss, not mine.

In the brighter side of things, looks like I'll be going to the We Are Anime con after all. Lea's trip got cancelled so she can accompany me to Quezon City. Now if only we knew where the Cyclone Arts and Technologies Asia Campus is...


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