Saturday, May 25, 2002

I don't think I'll ever get used to sleepovers. They usually give me a hangover after, often because of the fact that I get little sleep and I don't get to do take a bath and brush my teeth.

Went to Jobert's place yesterday in Makati and had a sleepover to play D&D. As usual, I wanted to get back home by the time the sun rose and I was supposed to hitch a ride with Jobert's sister but she forgot about me. =P I had to commute home, which isn't something I enjoy when I'm wasted.

Oh yeah, after buying a book at A Different Bookstore, they finally gave me an actual card for my discounts but I was shocked when I saw the name it had: Charles Donald Tan. That's not me! Oh well. That's another new name to add to my many aliases...

Oh yeah, Benj, I was kidding about my BLOG's URL... =)


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