Sunday, May 26, 2002

*yawn* Actually went to Telesuccess' Anime Quest 2002 today. Saw lots of old acquaintances, exchanged cellphone numbers with some, and basically had fun, not neccesarily due to Telesuccess.

I woke up at around 9 am but I just needed to listen to some of my CDs for an hour so I was actually doing something productive at around 10 am. Then I had an early lunch and went to church. Of course when I got there, the door had a sign saying "11 am Sunday School, no class". I called back the driver and had him bring me to Glorietta.

By the time I got there, the Angel Sanctuary group was outside preparing for their cosplay. There weren't too many people around and I hung out at the AEGIS booth which was supposed to be demoing RPGs. Only Vic was there and a few people passed by. I hung around the booth for awhile and then I saw the Robotech Cyclones come in...

It was actually a threesome by Robert, Toby, and Riasa. Talked to Robert about his article for my fanzine and I returned the pic I borrowed from Riasa. Later, I saw Ais and I sold him the Animerica Extra issues which I bought from Johann. Then, deciding that it was probably worth it, I paid the P150 entrance fee to watch the cosplay.

The band inside was performing L`arc songs and we were forced to endure it until the second batch of cosplayers were ready. Starting with #52, the batch ended with #99. Notable appearances aside from the Robotech Cyclones were the Hunter x Hunter cast (with accompanying dialogue) and of course, the Angel Sanctuary cast. There was a break and a karaoke contest was being held as an intermission. Then, the finalalist for the cosplay competition was announced and I had to call Riasa since she and Robert haven't returned from their break.

The finalists included the Robotech Cyclones, Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary, Battle Angel Alita (who's being cosplayed by Krizelle), Kiririn (a toddler being carried), Hanamichi Sakuragi, and the villain from Hunter x Hunter (I keep forgetting his name...). Robert, Tobie and Ria were in a fuss to get back into their costumes and they even lost a lightsaber which was supposed to be part of their skit. Oh well.

After performing cute skits in front and another intermission, the winner of the cosplay was Krizelle. Hopefully, she won't lose the cash prize of P5,000, which happened the year before. Incidentally, Krizelle did lose her wallet during the competition but luckily I found it and gave it back to her. The other winners were Kiririn, Hanamichi Sakuragi, and the villain from Hunter x Hunter.


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