Monday, May 27, 2002

Just as Benj is about to obtain money, I'm already starting to lose it.

For starters, my summer budget all went down the drain with Warcraft 3 at least three times a week, the Dungeon Builders Guie book I bought, Anime: from Akira to Princess Mononoke book I found at Goodwill, and the costs for my rushed costume for the upcoming con. That doesn't include my CD orders from Bart as well as my manga orders from Nani Nani . What's a guy to do? No wonder I usually have summer jobs.

I was also supposed to go out with Lea today (*looks at the time* I mean yesterday) but as usual, something came up so she had to cancel. I'm not surprised. Guess it's fate. In the meantime, I went to Fabric Warehouse to buy some cloth. It's only went I went home that I realized I bought the wrong color. >.<

Last but not least, I'll be finished with His Dark Matters by tomorrow. The book strangely reminds me of Harry Potter, yet I like it better than Harry Potter. Perhaps it's because Harry Potter is more of a mystery novel at heart than anything else. And oh yeah, I managed to chat with the people at CCHQ today.


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