Monday, May 27, 2002

Strange. I always need time to reflect and since more than a day has passed since Anime Quest, I start to remember all the things I missed out in my previous post.

I forgot to mention that one of the winners in the cosplay was Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some might argue it's not an anime character. The fact is though that what is considered anime is blurred. For example, Transformers was a show which was based on a Japanese toyline but created for Americans. However, it was animated in Japan. So is this considered anime or not? Perhaps the same could be said with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially since it was animated by Toei if I'm not mistaken.

The art contest was also a treat as I was able to catch a glimpse of the talent and creativeness of Filipinos. One entry was made out of resin, which isn't exactly a feat easily done. Too bad I didn't see it up close and personal. Sitting at the top seats doesn't exaclty give you the best close-up view.

Another thing that happened during the event that's worth being told as an anecdote is when one of my friends, Franco, sent me a text message that went something like this: "May entrance fee pala. Could you come out and loan me some money?" It was annoying since I was in one of the top rows and I was surrounded by a crowd. And the nerve to ask me to come all the way out so that he could borrow money. Still, it's better than Elvin who was also outside and who isn't exactly a person that pays debts.

And of course there's the mechapinoy people who were present like Benj, Richie, and Eman. Anyway, he had the audacity to speak for mechapinoy, insulting the organizers of the con via email. He was exclaiming that they called it a con when they weren't featuring model kits, especially without the authority of mechapinoy. Perhaps the email would have been forgivable if he hadn't been insulting and cursing them in his initial email. I mean how could you take an email seriously and maturely if the person writing the letter is bereft of these qualities? And he wonders why the insult to him. Fortunately, Garrick sent an email to mechapinoy stating that mechapinoy as an entity can only be used with consent of the group, not at the whim of a member.

Perhaps the biggest hype right now is the upcoming con four days from now which is being hosted by We Are Anime. OAV even managed to coerce me into cosplaying.


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