Wednesday, June 07, 2006

[Blog Entry] Time Lapse, And Stalking We Will Go..., Recurring Dreams Part II, What's In A Name?

Time Lapse

Normally, I'm a clockwork kind of guy: arriving and departing promptly, constantly aware of the time, and mindful of the date (I even once memorized the calendar). These days though, that's thrown out of the window. Monday 'til Friday, I work work work. And then come the weekend, I go out with friends and don't come home until Sunday morning. During this period where the evening seamlessly transitions into the morning, I lose track of time, and once I get home, I immediately sleep until Monday. And then the process begins.

And Stalking We Will Go...

Been so busy that well, I simply haven't had time to go to my usual haunts, whether it's a bookstore or a... ummm, bookstore! I've been out of the loop when it comes to anime/SF&F conventions as well. Hell, the reason I don't get to blog often is because nothing happens. On a side note, these past two days, I've had two "random" encounters with friends Vin and Dean (who live close to each other), at different places albeit at the same hour. Saw Vin at Comic Quest where he was plugging Gerry's new comic Elmer (get it at Comic Quest for just P50!), while I ran into Dean while we were (both) on our way home.

Oh, and stalking Banzai at his work place last Monday, where he is insulted at me calling him a stalker.

Recurring Dreams Part II

Another pattern in my dreams is... school. What a nerd I am. When not fighting hordes of undead or running away from omnipotent beings (some would call them Old Ones), I'm at school. The last dream I can remember involves taking a Chinese exam when I haven't studied the language in six years. Last night involved me taking three exams, and in quasi-fantastical fashion, it seems that I've been taking summer classes all this time (while working), and that today was the day of the final exams. Never mind the fact that I can't remember what happened for the past two weeks of studying, but oh well, on with the exam. It's a good thing some of those involved Math, because I -love- Math.

What's In a Name?

Find out when I blog again, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, errr, URL.


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