Monday, May 08, 2006

[Blog Entry] Sleep, Summer Slam, Special Power


Lately, I seem to be waging a constant war againt sleep. It seems as if there's never enough time to sleep, with all that's recently going on.

Summer Slam

My long Internet hiatus started sometime around the Summer Slam. It was a busy week, withe me helping out making the concert happen. And on the day itself, well, let's say things were interesting. Thankfully no casualties, but there are stories, and thankfully our security was enough to prevent any untimely accidents.

Special Power

Since I'm a sucker for punishment, I tested out how far my heat tolerance goes. As most of you would know, it's the summer, the hottest season in the Philippines, with temperatures going as high as forty.

Anyway, my outfit for the Summer Slam (and some of you might recognize me because of it) was two layers of t-shirts (one white, one black), plus a jacket. Managed to wear it for around 6 hours while directly under the sun.

So you know, if I happened to get trapped in a burning building, I'd die first from the smoke rather than from the flames.


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