Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Blog Entry] Work Work, Recurring Dreams

Work Work

Cue to the sound of a Peon from Warcraft.

Anyway, last week's been quite busy, with three photo shoots over two days.

June's Pulp will feature a Heaven/Hell issue, with Barbie Almabis gracing our covers. The shoot was quite complicated, as not only did I have to get a permit, but we had to borrow generators because the place we were shooting was devoid of electricity. The backdrop? A semi-functional train station. So amidst the shooting, we were dodging trains, and as Murphy's law would have it, not only was there a rain but a mini-storm that left most of us soaking wet. Other complications involve the fact that we're now videotaping our shoots, clips of which I'll be uploading to the Pulp site soon...

And then came back to work the next day with two shoots, one for Gusto Shopwise magazine and the other for Pulp's aforementioned "Hell" theme. Chicosci's album release will be this June 6, which in case you didn't notice is 06/06/06 or 666. Not that they're Satanic or anything. In fact, they're wearing white these days and when I told our concept to their road manager, she panicked. =) Just to give you an idea of what the shoot looked like, check my previous post for my semi-creepy picture.

Recurring Dreams

Strangely enough, one theme of my recurring dreams for the past few years is that of the survival genre of video games, something akin to Resident Evil (even though I've never played the game!). Typical scenario involves being surrounded by several undead minions (zombies are the easy part... sometimes, I'm trapped in a place full of vampires, and they're recruiting my friends and acquaintances into their army) and while I do some killing, most of the time I'm busy hiding in a corner somewhere.


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