Tuesday, May 09, 2006

[Blog Entry] Wedding, Stalking


My mom suddenly commented that I’ve been going to weddings this year a little too frequently. Apparently two is already frequent for her. Anyway, attended a friend’s wedding last Sunday. My friend, the bride, had been courted for four months before they were engaged. If you thought that was fast, apparently her parents had a romance of three months before getting married themselves. Anyway, I wish her well as she immigrates to Canada.

Two points worth noting during the wedding. First was that it was held in what is probably a traditional Filipino’s ideal venue: an old Manila church. It was in San Agustin with classic Spanish architecture (suddenly I recalled all my lessons in Fine Arts). And since I’m playing the RPG 7th Sea, I almost told my companion it was Castillian architecture (the nation Castille is the equivalent of Spain in the RPG). And then I remember my call center training not to call Spanish people Spaniards (only Filipinos call the Spanish as Spaniards). The proper term is Hispanics.

The other fact is that well, I’m actually being invited to weddings. There’s this huge “social” gap in my life where there was graduation (from High School), and nothing else after that. No social parties, no debuts (well, there was one debut I got to attend), no partying out at night and meeting people. Then I’m suddenly here, attending weddings. It’s not that I’m feeling I’m getting old (some mutual friends are feeling that), but rather it seems I’m being part of society again.


Unfortunately, my daily routine is wake up, go to work, go home, sleep, with Saturdays and Sundays devoted to either video games or pen-and-paper RPGs, and Sunday recovering from all of that. Which means I don’t actually get to go out much, talk to friends and acquaintances, or become a functional member of society aside from the occasional wedding. Simply put, I don’t get to do any stalking.

Of course Banzai Cat is a stalker himself, trying to figure out who the winners of Vin's dragon anthology are. I mean who they are in person.

In typical Charles-karma fashion, I don't come to them, they come to me. Apparently my new boss for one of our magazines is the first person on the list. And the rest are well, friends, acquaintances, teachers, and people you see Dean talking with. Although I'm sure Banzai will track the remaining 5 people on that list who still remains a mystery...


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