Wednesday, October 12, 2005

[Blog Entry] Why Green Lanterns Shouldn’t Date (Only for the Comic Buffs)

Why Green Lanterns Shouldn’t Date (Only for the Comic Buffs)

DC Comics has a sadistic way of dealing with the love interests of Green Lanterns, at least those coming from Earth. Here are some examples:

1) Alan Scott, Golden Age Green Lantern. His wife was Alyx Florin, in reality Rose who suffers from multiple personality disorder. On their honeymoon, her supervillain persona, Thorn, resurfaced, causing her to fake her own death, and later gave birth to twins. Her legacy lives on in the form of Alan Scott’s son, who is the villain named Obsidian.

2) Hal Jordan, Silver Age Green Lantern and recognized as the man with the strongest will. Unfortunately, all his willpower could not save his girlfriend/boss Carol Ferris from being the supervillain Star Sapphire (seen in Cartoon Network’s Justice League). Aliens, multiple personality disorder, and stress causes Carol to turn into one of Jordan’s fearsome foes.

3) John Stewart, token black guy Green Lantern on Cartoon Network’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. All seems well, until John Stewart marries an alien, Green Lantern Katma Tui. It probably wouldn’t have been as tragic if it weren’t for the fact that it was Star Sapphire who killed her (so you have a purple-skinned Green Lantern killed by a purple-powered supervillain…).

4) Guy Gardner, bad-ass Green Lantern who once owned a Yellow Power Ring. Okay, he’s not married to anyone, but he’s had a couple of flings here and there. Back in the days when he was still with Justice League Europe (later renamed to Justice League International), he had a romance with team member Ice. Who, as you could have guessed, is now dead (actually revived as a villain in a short story arc but currently deceased).

5) Kyle Rayner, used to be the only Green Lantern until the Green Lantern Corp. was reformed and Hal Jordan found redemption. Far from the stuff of heroes, when Kyle Rayner first discovered his Power Ring, a villain hunted him down and tracked him to his home. Kyle wasn’t home, but his girlfriend was. When Kyle went back to his apartment, everything was as it seemed… until he opened his refrigerator. It’s the DC Universe’s equivalent of the Philippine’s chop-chop lady.


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