Friday, October 07, 2005

[Blog Entry] Murder Mystery, Comics History, Shoot the Messenger

Murder Mystery

Our office is at the 16th floor of a certain building in Ortigas. Yesterday, we got a memo stating that bullets were found on a cracked window several weeks ago, on the 11th floor. On the same memo, another similar incident happened (with the same caliber of the bullet) a week later, this time on the 12th floor.

When it finally reaches the 15th floor, I’m expecting some excitement.

But honestly, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have a gun-toting shooter in the building. For all I know, it could have come from the outside, especially with people firing at the sky (Didn’t they take Physics? A bullet falling down has an acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2!).

Comics History

In the realm of Western superheroes, next week will mark the start of an ambitious event by DC. Infinite Crisis is well… a big crisis. Thankfully, DC’s writers are more down to earth (well, some of them are) than their rival company. It’s going to be interesting to see how things will develop.

In the meantime, when Villains United #6 hits the stands next week, we’ll finally know who the big villain is, and how it’s all tied up to the story arc that DC will be pushing for in the next few months. For those unfamiliar, there’s always the trade paperbacks.

Admittedly, yes, it’s the big reboot button, but we must remember that beginnings can only happen if there’s an ending… and US comics for me, have been an Ouroboros of sorts. I guess this is the closest thing you can have to a “final battle”, although the aftermath will be just as exciting.

Shoot the Messenger

Contrary to the saying “don’t shoot the messenger”, people do just that. Sometimes, I think that many Filipinos don’t get much work done simply because they don’t say what they want to say. They hint and circumvent at what they want from the other person. And if the other party still doesn’t get it, they don’t go outright and say what needs to be done. They’re afraid at what the other person might think, or perhaps be afraid that they’ll get scolded. Instead, they find someone else to tell the message, or hide in under the guise of “office memo”. And of course, just as predicted, the other person does get mad, and the focus of their frustrations is the messenger.

There goes professionalism down the drain. Which is why I say that if you’re afraid of company politics, get used to it. It’s everywhere, and leaving a company simply due to “office politics” won’t really help. I wish we can run away from some problems, but the fact is, they’re present everywhere. In grade school, I secretly wished that the following year, I wouldn’t be classmates with this or that person because they were bullies. Sometimes, I’d get my wish, but the bullies only got replaced by different faces, different people. It’s only when I accepted that they’ll always be there that I started coping with the problem, and formulated solutions.

Perhaps the reason why I haven’t taken up a pseudonym is because of all this. I may not like what you have to say, but if you stand by your statement and courageous enough not to hide behind someone else, then you have my respect. I’m tempted to say anonymity is for the weak, but I’m far from strong myself. Honesty, admittedly, will get you shot, but what kind of life can one lead if it’s constantly plagued by deceit?


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