Sunday, October 09, 2005

[Blog Entry] Conspiracy!


Yesterday, I experienced probably one of the worst sets of coincidences.

First off, I was rushing off to an interview shortly after lunch that when I get to the MRT, I find out it wasn’t working.

Quickly haling a taxi cab to get to Cubao from Ortigas, we encounter one of the strongest downpours for the day. When I got out, I thankfully had my jacket on, and a sturdy bag to protect my belongings.

My interview went well, and when I got out, all I could say was, oh look, the rain’s stopped. Seeing that it was a Saturday and I needed to take a break from my six-day-a-week work schedule, I dropped by Fully Booked at Gateway Mall.

I ran into a couple of familiar faces, although they seem to have forgotten me, so I just shut up and hovered like a wraith around the bookstore. I saw clerks rushing off to wrap Robert Jordan’s latest novel, Knight of Dreams, which is the second to the last book in his epic Wheel of Time series. I did manage to catch a glimpse of it and for a Robert Jordan book, it’s short at seven hundred plus pages.

The MRT was functional by the time I got to it again and seeing I still had time, went off to Rockwell. Of course me being the commuting-phobic person that I am, the trek involves me getting off at Guadalupe station, and sadly yes, walking all the way to Rockwell.

Apparently, I haven’t exhausted all my misfortune yet because when I got to Fully Booked, the lights went out. I think I caught Jessica Zaffra browsing through their shelves but unfortunately for me, the section I wanted to go to was at the heart of the store, where it was darker than our basement. After waiting for several minutes, the back-up lights went on, although not all the parts of the shop was illuminated.

By 5 pm, I was leaving Rockwell, and gathering enough strength to make the walk back to the MRT. Of course our public transportation was extremely crowded that people literally had to fight for space. I entered through the left door, barely managing to squeeze myself (while I am skinny, it’s difficult because of my trademark very big bag). Of course it has to be said that I was planning to get off at the Santolan, and my exit was at the right side of the station, so plowing myself from one end to another was a very hefty ordeal.

Managing to get myself to Greenhills, I again dropped by *sigh* Fully Booked. I had inadvertently made my bookstore pilgrimage. Not that I bought anything (lots of books I want, but thankfully I had more self-restraint).

Again, saw some familiar faces in Greenhills, and one mentioned that he spotted my blog, but refused to disclose his.

It was a very mobile Saturday for me, and an exhausting one. The story doesn’t end in Greenhills though, as I ended up going home at 3:30 am. But that, fellow readers, is another (probably duller) story.


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