Tuesday, October 04, 2005

[Blog Entry] Dream Stories

Dream Stories

Most of my dreams have often been incoherent (i.e. illogical, non-linear), with me as the protagonist. Lately though, there have been two dreams which would make good (not necessarily great) stories, and for once, I’m not in them.

Dream 1: Fantasy-Romance Folktale

There were two entities, a male representing the world of “light”, and female representing the world of “darkness”. The former is handsome and has wings like angels, while the latter is a beautiful maiden, caretaker of various beasts. They meet in the forest, the realm of the woman. It is foretold that the two should never fall in love with each other, that the world of light and dark should never mix, or else a great curse would fall upon the houses of both.

The first few times both of them meet, they are hesitant, wary of the warning. But as they continue to meet in the glens of the forest, they eventually fall in love. Both take the form of tigers, and consummate their marriage. When the female wakes up, she is suddenly attacked by a lion, attempting to rip her to shreds. The male wakes up, seeing his wife being attacked by a ferocious lion, returns to his normal form, that of an avenging angel. He drives the lion off his wife’s body, but before he can deliver a fatal blow, the lion speaks, and proclaims that he is the king of darkness, and what they have done is a crime. The female must be punished for her sins, and the punishment is death.

The male swears to protect her, and claims that he as a being of light, cannot be harmed by the king of darkness. The lion agrees to that fact, but replies that while he cannot harm him or her, he can punish her ilk. He will send his legions to hunt them down, and she will be the only one alive. The male, a leader himself, orders his troops to guard the woman’s kind. Some resent performing such a duty, but they obey him nonetheless. Thus the curse has been fulfilled, as the female’s caste is continually hunted down, while the male’s legions are forced to protect them, following them wherever they go and fending off constant attacks by the king of darkness.

Dream 2: Science-Fiction Multi-Generational Story

In the past, a savage and his family is taken away and bestowed with cunning intellect. He is a man ahead of his time and the epitome of civility. This is put to the test when his two children predict that a catastrophe that was going to strike the town, and the man must come up with solutions to blunt the casualties. With his superhuman intelligence, he saves a lot of people and is recognized as a hero.

Several years later, the savage’s two sons are the protagonist. As sons of heroes, they build themselves a ship and explore the outside world. Their father gives them his pet monkey to accompany them. They encounter pirate raids but one pivotal encounter is when they encounter the British. They are raided and the British commander confronts the two sons. Realizing that they too are civilized people, the British commander realizes his mistake too late as a collision with the ship causes him to stumble and lose consciousness. The sons manage to fend off the attack, and care for the unconscious British commander. They discover that he has suffered brain damage, and do not have the materials to cure him. Fortunately, their father’s monkey was apparently endowed with uncanny intellect as well, and has the skills and intelligence of a modern-day surgeon. The sons dodge the British long enough for the monkey to heal the British commander, and when he wakes up, proclaims to the rest of the world that the two sons aren’t villains but people who saved his life.


Blogger Melchior said...

Wierd. As can be expected from dream-stories. Kind of liked the first one.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, these dreams are actually cohesive and comprehensible... my unwritten dreams are the ones that are weird (Cthullu calls!). - charles

2:23 AM  
Blogger banzai cat said...

Heh. Now that I think about it, both dreams seem to hark back to the old style science fiction and fantasy stories like Asimov, Le Guin and McKillip. Must have been a classics night, eh?

And yes, Cthulu has heard your praises and will forgo eating you until afterwards, praise be Cthulu! ;-)

"cpgtb": Cthulu's nickname when he was a chubby kid monster

1:28 AM  

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