Saturday, September 24, 2005

[Blog Entry] Bookstore Blessings

Bookstore Blessings

I don't know why but when I paid a visit to various bookstores this week, it seems that their new shipment just came in and I trying to sneak a peek at the various boxes they had scattered around.

Anyway, recently paid a visit to Fully Booked Rockwell and perhaps the biggest surprise that they actually have a map which tells you where the various sections are. *Gasp* Perhaps their shelving isn't so random anymore. But honestly, it's still not as conducive for a bookstore because their architecture is still bizarre, and there's a new section with stairs that leads to the autobiography section and a music section. At least it's better than the Cubao branch, where books are out of reach thanks to the really tall shelves, and I have to contact their staff to grab a ladder and reach for a book I'm interested in (what happened to casual browsing?).

Of course Neil Gaiman fans have something to rejoice, as Anansi Boys came in and it's priced at P1099.00. They have a special promo though that if you reserve the book and pay the full amount in advance, you get something from Neil (alas, my memory is poor, and I forgot whether it was a signed postcard or something). The bizarre thing though is that you don't get the book now, but on September 27 (or 28, again, my memory is faulty).

Fantasy fans have something to look forward to, as the new shipment of fantasy and science-fiction masterworks just came in. Still at a loss for Moorcock Elric books, but I did get some classics like Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions, which is notable since it inspired D&D's alignment system, the Paladin class, and your fire-fearing regenerating trolls (sorry, Tolkien trolls turn to stone when exposed to sunlight).


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