Sunday, September 25, 2005

[Blog Entry] Cowardice


For most of my life, my dreams have usually been filled with fear. I constantly seem to be running away from something, whether it’s omnipotent overlords, vampiric predators, or inhuman antagonists. And it seems to be something I never outgrow. While I have full control over my emotions during the waking hours, when asleep, my first reaction is to run and hide. And I do just that.

Of course in real life, I’m not one of to face supernatural horrors, even if I wanted to. The only time fear truly grips my heart is during social scenarios, when talking to people, be it over the phone or face to face.

One of my biggest worries is that there’s seldom just one encounter with a person. More often than not, people you meet will be people you meet again and again in the future. Under what dispositions or circumstance, I don’t know, but it’s better to play it safe.


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