Wednesday, June 22, 2005

[Meme] Interview Questions

1. You've said you have a lot of allergies. If there was a food on your allergy list that you could eat and not get sick from, which would it be and why?

Actually, majority of my allergies aren’t necessarily derived from food. Allergies range from the mundane (dust) to the exotic (like cockroaches). When it comes to food, perhaps the only one of significance is chocolate. And when I was a kid, before I went to bed, I’d usually drink a cup of Swiss chocolate with marshmallows. Not much chocolate indulgence these days since I’d usually get sick. Well, it’s actually either chocolate or my allergy to a certain anti-biotic, which prevents me from taking drugs like Neozep.

2. Where in the world do you get the money to buy stuff for your hobbies? You do need to eat, right?

Before work, I was given an allowance by my parents. Now, I have a salary. I eat, but I often eat at home where food is subsidized by my parents. Self-control and tight budgeting goes a long way. That and I only have one hobby at any one time.

3. What do you do for fun?

When I’m alone, I usually read a book, read manga, watch anime, or find some game I can play. When I’m with other people, it’s usually RPGs (Dungeons & Dragons to be exact), board games (complex and competitive games like Settlers of Catan or A Game of Thrones), and the occasional arcade game when I have money. I used to have more hobbies including playing Collectible Card Games, video games, and even the occasional sport, but budget limits restrain me from indulging in those at this point in time.

4. In all your travels (on foot or on auto transport), which is your favorite place you've been to and why?

I’m not really tied down to any specific place. Seven years ago, it would have to be Virra Mall, for example. I’m really an urban person, and malls with lots of people are my kind of atmosphere. Three years ago, it would have to be the streets of Katipunan, mainly because of the various Network Gaming centers, DSL Internet Cafes, and CCHQ. A year ago, it used to be Mega Mall as I get to hang out with friends like Vin and Dean at Comic Quest. Right now I’m in limbo, although I do visit Comic Quest weekly, and make monthly pilgrimages to various bookstores (Booktopia in Libis, Fully Booked in Rockwell, A Different Bookstore and Powerbooks in Makati).

I’ve also had memories of peace when I was in California at age seven and ten. I was bored, but it was perhaps the least stressful part of my life. I also got to indulge myself more in San Francisco and L.A., but definitely not a place I’d like to live in since the only people I got acquainted with were my relatives.

5. Since "stalker" has such a negative connotation, why do you use it to describe yourself?

I don’t believe in putting up “an appearance”. Some people put their good foot first. I believe in putting your bad one ahead. At least when you come out with all your faults (or admit them to people), you’ll know ahead of time whether people are wiling to stick it out with you or abandon you.

Stalker is also more memorable. If you give a mundane description to other people, it might not stick. At least with stalker, I’ll be remembered more.

I’m also someone who believes that everything has both positive and negative connotations. When I mention I’m a stalker, I’d like to clarify that I’m not the latter type. It started out with me being able to sneak up on friends and surprising them (that’s why I like to say “boo!”). Interestingly enough, I also started to develop inquisitive traits (i.e. information hound) at the time, but I honestly meant I’m the type that sneaks up on friends (obviously not with strangers) when I started using it to describe myself.

And hey, it’s all about having fun! Do you really want a boring description?


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