Tuesday, June 14, 2005

[Blog Entry] Surviving, Kwapao Anyone?, Fully Booked Reversal, The Tower of Babel


Against all odds, my photo shoot last Monday went well. One of the models didn’t show up, and we made emergency calls to potential models. No one could make it at such immediate notice, so we forced my assistant to act as one of the models. And we did manage to pull it off.

Perks of the Monday shoot was meeting Ms. Philippines Water 2004, Ms. Jasmine Chua, who was one of the models we got (and thankfully showed up). If there was I could be blinded by beauty, that was it. Well, she’s not Ms. Philippines Water (the designation for the runner-up) for nothing. Smiles a lot and has a pleasant personality too!

Kwapao Anyone?

A friend of mine is interested in eating Kwapao. Anyone know where I can get some? At least here in Metro Manila? Another friend is also interested in getting ranch-flavored Doritos, and honestly, short of going to Subic, I don’t know where to get some.

Fully Booked Reversal

Thankfully, Fully Booked had a change in policy when it comes to the Neil Gaiman tour. The initial policy involved purchasing either a Gaiman graphic novel or a pair of books. The former is a bit difficult for those with a budget since a graphic novel almost costs four digits. As for the latter, that’s a real laugh. I mean honestly, there really aren’t that much Gaiman books in the first place. There’s just Neverwhere, American Gods, Coraline, Smoke and Mirrors, and Good Omens which he co-wrote with Pratchett. Oh, and the ugly (i.e. no pictures) version of Stardust, which I recommend you get the illustrated version rather than be tempted by the cheaper, paperback copy. Elbert was also raving about the Mirror Mask book (which interestingly enough, had a sign that said “last copy” when I visited Fully Booked last Saturday). So not only do you have a scarce selection, you have to purchase two from the lot. And if truth be told, if you’re really a Gaiman fan, then you’d have those books to begin with and needn’t resort to buying them again a second time just to get a book signed.

Now you can enter as long as you’re just having one book/comic signed by Gaiman. The passes come in when you want him to sign multiple texts, and you’re given a pass for every Gaiman-related paraphernalia you purchase (maximum of three passes per person).

The Tower of Babel

Interestingly enough, when I went to Tower Records yesterday to purchase Monty Python: Spamalot (I only realized at that time that they were spoofing Camelot, hence Spam-alot), the cashiers were all in disarray. Apparently, their computers crashed and things had to be done manually. It was also universal since all the cashiers in Tower Records had their computers crashed and not just the cashier that was servicing me at the ground floor of Glorietta.


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