Sunday, June 19, 2005

[Blog Entry] Etiquette, Fete dela Musique


The past two days has revealed my lack of social manners. It first begins with table etiquette, ranging from using the right utensils to not stuffing yourself with all the food in sight.

Well, there’s a reason why people don’t see me eat. Actually, there are several reasons, ranging from braces to actually being full. But this is also one of them. This can be also be partially attributed to my parents. Sure, my dad once gave me a sermon about using the right utensils, but much like the Chinese language, no one really taught me. And, uh, years and years of eating at Chinese restaurants also didn’t leave me much in terms of usage of the fork and spoon (chopsticks I also had to learn on my own). At home, I also find it easier to cut meat not with a knife but with a spoon (so be wary of me… if you piss me off, I’ll kill you using a spoon).

The other is the fact that I’m really not socially adept. Socially inept is more like it. The only ones I’ve been trained to kiss, for example, are only my aunts and uncles. So when friends (girls specifically) offer their cheek for me to hug and kiss, well, I just stand there baffled and ignorant on how to decline. I did try to decline last Friday dinner, but she merely got offended. Also got the opportunity at Fete yesterday, but alas, while they were really one of the prettiest girls I’ve met, I’ll forever be the stoic guy and just treated them to beer and a mocha frap.

Fete dela Musique

It was a great event. Of course it was honestly one I didn’t plan on going. Because I, uh, don’t really listen to music (some of you revel in that irony). Yet circumstances made it so that I was in the area, and surprisingly, I met a lot of old friends and acquaintances (and not necessarily the ones I expected to meet there). Peer pressure also dictated that I be there, especially since majority of my coworkers all have bands (Bagetsafonik, Olympic Smoker, Twisted Halo and Pedicab). Not that I was able to see them thanks to horrible scheduling (i.e. either their band was performing at the same time or you had little time to go from one stage to another).

I was honestly surprised at my presence at the event. It blew my mind away, not because of the music (because honestly, what would I know about music?), but of the grandness of such an event.


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