Wednesday, June 15, 2005

[Blog Entry] Demise of the Indestructible Phone, Tower Records Sale

Demise of the Indestructible Phone

For the past four years, I’ve been lugging around a Nokia 6750, which is this big (looks like either a remote controller of a Star Trek phaser) and bulky device that has rubber coating around it. Oh, and the battery lasts me six days too!

Unfortunately, aside from the wear and tear the phone is suffering from, the keypads are already malfunctioning. I’m not the type of person that spends money just to buy a new phone every six months or so. But honestly, I need a new phone.

I got one of my dad’s extra phones and it’s one of those small phones, something I dislike because it’s difficult to type on the keypads. Another problem was porting over my messages and numbers from one phone to another. And that’s not easy when you have some 60+ messages and several hundred names. SIM cards may have lots of memory, but it’s really not enough (just like some people might oogle at an 80 GB hard drive but it’s honestly not enough depending on your usage).

Ironically, there are two types of messages that are saved on my dad’s phone. One are all the green jokes. The other is all these religious messages. A big disparity in the types of messages, but I’m sure Filipinos can relate. The two things we pass on to other people are either the green jokes, or words of encouragement. And the occasional political-driven drivel.

Tower Records Sale

If you’re the type that buys original products, now’s a good time to drop by Tower Records. Their DVDs are on sale, as much as 30%. I mean the 10-disc set of Matrix (for a non-Matrix fan, there was a moment when I was tempted) is selling for P2000, cut down from P3500. There’s also the entire season of Nip Tuck, Smallville, Band of Brothers, the Batman and Superman Animated series, and a few others.


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