Thursday, June 09, 2005

[Blog Entry] Where Did It Go?, For Life, Memories, Rollerblades, Good Charlotte

Where Did It Go?

For one thing, the Fruit Magic branch in Mega Mall doesn’t sell the soya milk sold in bottles. Probably due to SM’s policy. Oh well, I guess the closest place for me is Robinsons Galleria, which gets refills every other day.

Another shocking surprise was the fact that Balut Express is not in Robinsons anymore. I’ll have to go all the way to Glorietta.

For Life

Strangely enough, I don’t think I can quit my current job. It’s not because there’s a contract, nor is there a bond, nor is there a fee if I quit. I guess it’s partially family loyalty (since the publisher is friends with my mom). And the other is… pride. But I think it’s more of the former.

I just find it amusing the irony of the situation. Physical chains (i.e. contracts, bonds) didn’t stop me from quitting my last job, but emotional and intangible chains are the type that’s most binding.


Certain sounds, certain tunes evoke memories. I was listening to my mp3 collection last night and some of them were songs which I was listening to when I was still working in a call center. For brief moments, I felt the fear, the tension, the anguish, and then the relief. When I went to another song, I remembered the days when I was a bum, roaming the streets of Katipunan and lounging in an Internet cafe. While it was partially a carefree experience, it was also one without direction, without purpose. Suddenly, I’m grateful for my current disposition.

Just moments ago I was transcribing an interview for the magazine and there was a certain tune which for some strange reason brought me back to my childhood. It was summer again, and I was in California, bored but relaxed. I can even faintly remember the smell.

Of course it’s amusing to see them from this perspective. Perhaps one flaw of reminiscing the past is that we idealize it. In comparison to the present, the past is often better. But I think it’s only “better” because it’s already been done, torn away from the present. Nothing erases the pains of the past more than the pains of the present.

In the case of the call center, it was a horrible experience for me, not because of the workload, but more due to the emotions it evoked from me. And perhaps that is the impression it will always give me, that of something more horrible than my current state, until I come back to it in the future and conquer it.


I need a big favor. One of the companies that will provide us with rollerblades for a photo shoot might not be able to do so (I’ll find out later today). Just in case, does anyone have rollerblades or rollerskates? We’ll be using them on Monday so I can hopefully borrow them over the weekend. And I need three pairs (size 9, 8 and 6) so multiple offers are welcome.

Good Charlotte

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