Tuesday, May 10, 2005

[Blog Entry] Where Have the Creative Writing Majors Gone?, Room Temperature, Traffic

Where Have the Creative Writing Majors Gone?

It’s been more than a year since I graduated from Creative Writing. Despite not seeing each other for the past thirteen months, I’ve been hearing some things about my batchmates.

Perhaps what surprised me the most is the fact that a third of us ended up working for magazines one way or another (one-third, by the way, is not a huge number, considering you can count my batchmates with your fingers). The other third are most likely back in their provincial homes, doing what they can there. As for the last third, well, one used to be a highly-paid trainer for a certain call center, another just recently came back from being a Jesuit volunteer, and the last one is pursuing her studies.

I wonder if anyone of us thought we’d end up where we are now (or thought that others would end up where they are now).

What interests me more is the fact that we were trained to write fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry for our degrees. Personally, even before graduating, I knew that I wouldn’t pursue those genres as much as I wanted to. The feature article was what interested me the most, although I’m not working on that either right now.

How about the rest? Were they intent in pursuing fiction? If so, have they given up the dream, postponed it for a later date, or actively honing their craft?

If there’s anything I miss, it’s finding the time to see my friends and acquaintances. Either I’m preoccupied with work, or they are. I wonder what emotions my Creative Writing classmates are feeling.

Room Temperature

Honestly, I’m built for the summer. I have a lower threshold for cold, but a higher one for heat. I mean I’m probably the only person right now who still bathes with hot, steaming water in the morning and in the evening. Even my room isn’t built for ventilation as all the windows are shut tight, and the wallpaper is black to trap the heat. There’s an electric fan and air conditioner in my room, although I don’t turn them on unless there’s a guest around.

Strangely enough, it’s not in the morning or in the afternoon that I find the heat searing. It’s during the evenings. I guess I reached my threshold last night as I was forced to turn on the air conditioner for ten minutes before shutting it off again.


Robinsons Galleria will be on sale this weekend, so that’s either a sign to avoid the area at all cost because of the expected heavy traffic, or expect massive cash withdrawals on payday Friday to make room for the sale.

Would You Rather Work With: Talented people in your profession but are hard to work with, or people who aren’t so gifted but are easy to get along with.


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