Tuesday, April 26, 2005

[Blog Entry] Another Public Service Announcement

My, *ahem*, spies have reported that Fully Booked Cubao is now operational. It’s in Gateway Mall, making Cubao a prime stopover point for book lovers, since the place has the main branch of National Bookstore (all four floors), Goodwill Bookstore (sale until the 30th), A Different Bookstore (with a couch!), and now Fully Booked (thankfully under the Fully Booked name and not under Sketchbooks or Bibliarch, enabling you to fully utilize your discount cards).

Anyway, I’m also here to plug my companies event, the Pulp Summer Slam, which will be held on April 30 at the Amoranto Stadium. I will definitely be there (not necessarily by choice) so do drop by.

My friend Richie also has this to plug:

“Cog will be giving away copies of the music video Collapse during Pulp Summer Slam (this Friday, April 30; we're playing around 5pm). The CD will contain a copy of the song Collapse along with another song from the upcoming full length album. The CD will also include the video for Collapse and demo version of a song that the band covered for a themed production last year.

We're releasing an album soon and we'd like as many people as possible to know about it. We'd like to ask for everyone's help on this. Please help us spread by the word by making sure that the Video and the songs pass through as many hands as possible. Burn the CD's or share them online. Help us to spread the word. We want everyone to know that we'll be coming up with the album soon.


Also take the time to visit (and sign the guest book) of my talented teacher in college, Ms. Christine Bellen: http://www.moonfairy.tk/

And here is a link regarding local publishing, courtesy of real life teacher Dean.

Lastly, from Sacha (and Dean actually):

“The U.P. Law Internet & Society Program will be hosting the first Philippine blogging summit entitled “iBlog” on May 7, 2005 Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm at the UP NISMED, UP Campus. This is a FREE event but registration at the iBlog website (http://www.iblogph.org) is required.

This will be a whole-day conference featuring CICT Commissioner Dondi Mapa, The Sassy Lawyer, Yugatech, Dean Alfar, the PCIJ Bloggers and many more.
See you folks at iBlog!”


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