Monday, May 09, 2005

[Blog Entry] It’s Too Early to Plug the Toy Con, D&D MMORPG

It’s Too Early to Plug the Toy Con

June 26, 2005. That’s more than a month away. That’s why I’m plugging the U Got Game Pro Con as well as the Sci-Fi Con. The former will be on May 21-22, while the latter on the 23-24th.


More info here.

Perhaps what surprised me is that you don’t get experience points for killing monsters but rather for completing quests. *gasp* Does that mean there’s actual story and role-playing involved in the game? Actually, it’s really interesting to see the evolution of RPG games, from its roots in pen-and-paper to video games, which in turn are now becoming more and more like their pen-and-paper predecessors.

(Of course another risky proposal is the fact that it’s running under the new Eberron setting, rather than the more popular Forgotten Realms.)

Playing Mephisto: Would you rather I grant you unlimited wealth but halve your life span, or extend your life span to twice the normal amount?


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