Sunday, May 01, 2005

[Blog Entry] World War 5

And that was the title of this year’s Pulp Summer Slam. And in certain ways, it really was.

Coming in as an employee for Summer Slam V was a totally different experience, at least compared to spectators. I mean I never got to see the stage (except when it was being constructed) since I was in charge of food distribution . Not that I minded since I’m not really a rock fan, much less a music fan, so I didn’t mind staying in a room all alone performing the tasks that was assigned to me.

I arrived at Amoranto at 10 am since duty calls, and I left at 1:30 am the next day (the other employees have it harder since they probably left later than that). As for food, I was supposed to be in charge of the band’s food, but circumstances didn’t permit it and I was coordinating with the food of the police, the tanod’s (equivalent of city watchmen ), the bouncers, and any other unexpected food requirements. Suffice to say, despite my buffer, supplying food was a big problem. It also took a lot of willpower on my part to resist eating the pizzas we were providing for people, despite me being the one who delivered a few hundred of them.

Duty was mixed with moments of calmness only to be interrupted by sudden panic. Lots of problem popped up, and not just in my department. I mean dishonesty was rampant, such as one person who was claiming the food of certain bands he wasn’t part of (but strangely enough, he did have a food stub) so that when the real members of the band came to claim their food, none could be given. There were also people who were selling counterfeit tickets to the Summer Slam, and of course, the ones who were injured the most were the fans who bought those counterfeit tickets and didn’t have enough money left to buy the real ones.

Thankfully security was tight, but I guess future Summer Slam fans would be warned not to bring items that could be used as potential weapons. A lot of people gave surprised looks, especially when they were banned from bringing in ballpens, perfumes (or rather, the bottles that stored the perfume), and cigarettes.

It’s been an exhausting experience (but I was conscious the entire time, thanks to my previous gaming experience which entails long sleepless hours and overnights) and other people might have enjoyed the holiday that is Labor Day, but alas, duty calls, and half of today is my only rest day.


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