Sunday, April 24, 2005

[Blog Entry] More Sale!

Powerbooks has a sale until the end of the month, giving discounts of 20% on most of their titles. A Different Bookstore has a different kind of sale, on the other hand, with varying policies depending on the day. Like on Wednesdays, if you buy a book from them, you get more points to get a discount card, or get an additional 5% discount if you’re already a discount card holder. Other, more lucrative days are on Thursdays, where you get 30% discount on hardcover books, or on Saturdays, when you get a 20% discount if you refer a friend who buys a book at regular price.

Also until the end of the month is Popeye’s policy of All You Can Eat Chicken for P129.00.

Next weekend, April 29 – May 1, Mega Mall will be having a sale as well (so it’s wise to avoid that area if you want to avoid heavy traffic).

On a side note, A Different Bookstore Makati will be having its renovation, which will last a month or so, so it’s best that you try their other branches (you can always visit the lovely Cubao branch).


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