Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Just came home from one. Well, the funeral of CCHQ that is. Managed to stay until the shop eventually closed its doors. Packing the unbought comics into boxes was like nailing the coffin shut on dear old friends. It was both happy and sad to see a good number of people early in the morning to pay their last respects to the shop. Happy because it was nice to see how such a quaint little shop can affect so many people. Sad because it was a farewell, and the fact that the owners were caught in traffic (which is probably caused by several factors like last-minute Christmas shopping and the funeral of FPJ) so the shop had to open late.

Perhaps the biggest irony that as Christmas approaches, tragedy strikes left and right, like typhoons, bombings, and funerals. This year the malls will be open the whole day on December 25th, so some people will not be having their Christmas vacation. And of course, thousands of call center agents will be on duty that day (although they will be compensated with a lot of money).

All of this makes me treasure what I currently have, and the family and friends that care for me (even though we don't always give our loved ones the due attention that they deserve).


Unless my phone line gets fixed by tomorrow, I fear I won't have access to the Internet for the next two weeks.

Christmas Present

Well, I've already made my wishlist, although if anyone has a paypal account and wans to give me something extra, this would be a great gift. Get me multiple copies even, so I can give them as gifts to my friends who are into D&D. I'd probably even be willing to pay the expenses, it's just that I don't have a PayPal account, and shipping it all the way here would be too costly.


Strangely enough, for the past few days, I've had lots of commitments that even when I'm feeling tired and weary, I still make the effort to get out of bed, stand up, and go out. My eye is feeling a bit better, although it's still dripping, uh, "stuff". Not that I'm not glad I'm not grateful for meeting people left and right and that I'm preoccupied. And in fact, I'm happy I'm meeting people I haven't seen in a long time (or the reverse, which is meeting up with people whom I won't be able to see as much in the coming months or even years). But the body has limitations, and right now, I've probably had only two hours of sleep in the past 48 hours.

D&D Gaming

What kept me awake for the past two days is the fact that I finally got to game with some good friends yesterday (of course it was on short notice so it really caught me off-guard). The good news is that I enjoyed myself very much, despite the lack of sleep and food. Unfortunately, had to cut it short because I had prior commitments today. And whenever I come out of an RPG game, I always have that feeling that "it wasn't enough" and that "I want more". Alas, yesterday was probably my last RPG game for the year. Well, there's always my friend's PBEM, which would be okay if it weren't for the fact that I don't have Internet access at home.

Onward to an Uncertain Future

I guess that's the best mentality any person can have. Uncertainty is both good and bad; both are possibilities. It's just up to us to decide which one arises. Over the past year, I've met new friends, lost old ones, and learned more about my friends (both good and bad) as well as myself (similarly, both good and bad traits). It's a good feeling to know when other people trust you, and of course it just pains me when others misjudge your actions (perhaps the only other more painful feeling is when you do manage to hurt a close friend, and they take it in stride, not even giving you the chance to apologize, because they trust you and care for you that much, and you feel guilty for what you did).

The Santa in Me

Right now since I'm on a tight budget, if there's anything you want for Christmas and I have it (i.e. a copy of a book, etc.), you can have it (as long as you don't mind that it's second-hand). Unfortunely for the people who are overseas, shipping is expensive, so getting it to you might not be as easy (although I can always hold it for you in the event that you come and visit).


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