Sunday, December 19, 2004

I Spoke Too Soon

Suffice to say, my phone line is grounded again. So I'm back to surfing on Internet cafes.

Last Chance

Plugging for CCHQ. They'll be open until the 22nd noon. That means you have less than 48 hours to get there and buy their remaining stock of manga, artbooks, mainstream and indie comics.

Eye Updates

Just to give people an update, my face is quite oily. I also have a propensity to get styes on my eyes, which is probably the reason why my right eye is now dripping with puss. I did see an ophthalmologist about it and he mentioned that me walking the pollutted streets of EDSA doesn't help. Right now, treatment involves washing my eyebrows with shampoo, which I've been doing for the past few months.


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