Monday, December 13, 2004

Still No Phone Lines
Well, one of our two phone lines has been partially restored. Unfortunately, it's not the one near the computer, so I still don't have Internet access. And since I used to troubleshoot computers, I know the perils of using a really long extension cord when it comes to modem bandwidth (and no, the extension cord doesn't even reach the phone line).
Requiem for CCHQ
CCHQ will be open until December 22, Wednesday, noon (i.e. lunch time). So if you come at say, 1 pm, you'll be disappointed as the shop will definitely be closing. The owners will be moving on (with their lives, not to a newer location).
Business Ventures
Right now, while I am focused when it comes to business startup and education, I'm also looking for other business ventures. I'm interested in meeting people who could possibly mentor me (so that I can learn from them), and people who are interested in business in general. I mean a lot of the people I know partner with their friends to start up their own businesses. Well, so far, no one seems to be talking to me, much less offering any business proposals. There's always comfort in doing things in groups (and while you may split the profits, the business risks are also less when it comes to the individuals).


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