Friday, September 03, 2004

Penniless in Ortigas

Today was costume today and the theme was "sports". Unfortunately, any sports outfit I wear will always lack sufficient pockets (or at least pockets that don't let stuff easily slide away).

While I did remember to stuff my phones and ID in my bag, I did forget to bring my wallet. So I was in Ortigas for nearly ten hours without a single cent to my name. It's as good thing I don't eat lunch. Or spend money on anything for myself. And of course, if I got robbed today, they'd go away empty handed.

Group Dynamics

There's this Cartoon Network commercial where Sheep enters the cafeteria and tries to find his place. The cook tells him "stick to your own kind". I think that in any community, people will always break into smaller, more manageable groups or cliques. If you want to know who these groups or cliques are, one of the best ways is to go to the community's dining areas and watch who sits with whom. As early as grade school, that's how you usually figured out who was friends with whom and this is still true even until college. It's also one of the reasons why we have family dinners, I think. The family that eats together has a sense of structure, of unity, even if it may be artificial at times. When you eat alone, everyone's eyes is on you. I even know some people who won't out if there's no one to eat with them. Eating is important, not just for its nutritional value, but for the social aspect as well.

Dash to Mega Mall

My sense of time has been scrambled this past week, and I actually thought I had a meeting tomorrow when it was in fact today. Fortunately for me, Mega Mall is near my home, so a mad dash did take me there in under 30 minutes. I slipped though but caught myself in time. I have a small bruise but nothing serious.

On a side note, my biggest shock today was to discover that KFC has relocated to the opposite side of Mega Mall. I originally thought I was at the wrong floor but apparently, my insticts were right. It wasn't me that was wrong, it was KFC that moved!


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