Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Walking to work takes 20 minutes. Even though there's a car at home, I always make it a point to go to work via my own feet, whether I'm lazy or not, whether it's raining or a sunny day. I want to be consistent, I want to develop it into a habit.

Flukes, after all, are easy to produce. I mean I can easily claim that I've walked from Katipunan to Ortigas (and I honestly have done it a few times) but it doesn't really a big thing since it's not something I do regularly. It's happened, in the same way that I could have survived a plane crash. Doing it once is indeed miraculous. However, if I'm going to be Superman, I'll have to do it several times.

I think the same goes for grades. It's easy to get an A. Maintaining it, on the other hand (such as being an awardee or Dean's Lister) is more difficult. Even a broken clock tell's the right time twice in one day.

That's not to say that we should minimize the excitement of such an event. Getting a perfect grade is still getting a perfect grade, even if it's due to luck. Winning a competition due to unforeseen events or luck is nonetheless a win. However, the real challenge is when you maintain that streak, and that to me, is one of the more admirable things to accomplish.


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