Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Generally, there are two things that don't last more than a year with me. One of them is shoes, because I do tend to get around a lot, and they eventually get worn out.

The other object is my bag, for various reasons, whether it's a broken zipper, or it collapses under the strain of the weight it's carrying (but strangely enough, I don't collapse under the weight I'm carrying). Last Sunday, my old bag was officially out of commission.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if people will still recognize me at first glance since I'm now without my trademark backpack. I'll probably get a haircut as well and I'll be a complete stranger to them. =)

Rain, Rain, and Power Failures

It seems that the two go hand in hand and today was no exception. Of course it's annoying when your computer's turned on when the power failures, and when electricity returns, you find out that some of your files have been corrupted, and the cache on your web browser has been reset.


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