Friday, April 16, 2004


My friend Tin has this entry with links on writing. And while that may not interest you, the 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web should be something every serious blogger should read.

So that you can catch me violate the points he makes, hehehe.

Catching Up on My Reading

One of the most boring things I do as of late is burn CDs. And the speed of my burner is only 12x, mind you, and none of the latest 52x CD writers. But fortunately, since it doesn't require constant maintenance (I just have to change the CD every five minutes), I actually have the time to do something else. Such as reading. Or eating (but I want to avoid that because I tend to go for greasy food and I don't want to end up with greasy CDs and a greasy keyboard).

The Invisible Restaurant

I was at the Podium this afternoon watching my two friends, Jaime and Elbert, discuss their plans for a certain comic. Anyway, the public space there was The Lounge where there were sofas and tables people could use. There was also an ad about being able to order a rice bowl meal (with Iced Tea and Soup for P99.00+) in the area, except the restaurant couldn't be found anywhere. There was a telephone number you could call and it specifically said that it was available at The Lounge from 11 pm - 2 pm. But it really bothers me that the restaurant (the name of which I already forgot) isn't physically there. Sure, I can just imagine that the owners are saving on rent since they're not paying for the space but...


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