Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Traffic Nightmare

For those of you unfamiliar with Philippine traffic, you should drop by the Ortigas area this weekend. Because Mega Mall has a three-day sale, and nothing draws crowds (and jams the traffic area) more than a sale. Having said that, it's a good day to be a pedestrian.

Job Interview

I had my first job interview the other day. And while I was nervous before the meeting (and I even left the house early because I had to find where Emerald Ave. was but lo and behold, the first street I came upon on Ortigas was Emerald Ave., so I killed time at the Podium instead), there's really no sense being nervous during the interview (unless, of course, that's the kind of image you want to project).

My potential employer was kind and accomodating, so I was lucky during that time. Hopefully it won't be my *only* job interview...


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