Monday, April 19, 2004

Work Ethic

I always thought that it's good policy that when someone is resigning/quitting (whether it's your job, a club, or an organization), one informs the necessary people in advance. So that preparations can be made. I mean I can't just say that today, I'm quitting, so I won't be coming to work tomorrow. No matter what your job is, your coworkers are affected and one has to make allowances for that. Even if your job is as simple as say, being the janitor, someone has to clean the offices today or tomorrow. And finding replacements isn't as quick as snapping your fingers.

So why am I mentioning all this? Well today I came to school to cash in the checks my block gave to Ateneo. Unfortunately, it seems that the one handling the checks resigned, and everyone else thought that it was being processed. Alas, it's only recently that it was discovered that the checks weren't in fact being processed, and is now stale. Which means we're P5,000.00 short.

Of course I'm always open to the possibility that the incident arose from an event other than an employee suddenly quitting. But here in the Philippines, it seems to me that it's a common practice that people "suddenly" resign, and when I mean suddenly, they hand in their resignation papers today and are gone literally tomorrow (unless of course it's a contract).

Ice and Fire

Well it's summer and I feel the heat (although I still regularly bathe in hot water... which means it isn't really as hot for me as say, coming over from the US and adjusting to this country's temperature). But the Philippines having unpredictable weather (along with unpredictable elections), there was a storm this afternoon. Which is nice once in a while but harmful to those who weren't expecting the sudden rain.


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