Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Descent Into Madness

Although I promised myself I'd get things "done" this week, fate seems to conspire against me. Of course it's only today that I got the forms for SSS and TIN, and hopefully I'll get to submit them by next week.

In other news, my reading started to gain momentum before the Holy Week, but it got disrupted because of the Tagaytay trip. Right now, I can't get past the Philip K. Dick anthology I'm reading, and I personally find it strange that the past few books I've been reading were all Science Fiction (because I'm more of a Fantasy reader).

My savings has dwindled, especially after some RPG books I ordered from a friend just arrived today. And carrying them home was no easy chore since I was lugging around six hardcovers, in addition to the regular stuff that's in my bag.

Oh yeah, lots of birthday celebrants this month. Hmmmm...

And of course, it surprises me that El thinks I'm afraid of failure (honestly, it's more of laziness... but I'm used to people not believing me).

Since I haven't been writing much as of late, well, I really should change that. The past few days has been a weird cycle for me, and it's not even due to depression.


I'm just wondering whether people find me stingy or generous when it comes to money. Although you should know by now they're both true and false, considering the paradox that is my life (I guess I should also ask whether I'm charming or abrasive).


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