Thursday, April 01, 2004

Anime Rants

It's surprising but Animax actually showed all twenty eight (and the last two weren't part of the original TV run) of .hack//sign. Of course they did screw up a few days ago when they showed episode 26 before 25, and while they were at it, was airing episode 25's subtitles on episode 26. It's a good thing I know a bit of Japanese. They're also going to show the OAV in two weeks! And a marathon during Holy Week.

I'm a sucker for kiddy shows and two new kiddy anime just made its debut: Daigunder on Animax and another robot-collecting thingie on Cartoon Network (forgot the title... Megabots I think). Of course it's only now that I realized why the later afternoon timeslot of Animax has its anime dubbed rather than subtitled: the target audience is kids. And apparently, Animax doesn't really expect kids to read (because reading is an active act... you won't get to the next word unless you make an effort to read; pretty much everything else, in comparison, is passive--music will move to its own beat regardless whether you listen or not, and the same goes for TV).

Anyway, regarding Daigunder, if you're a fan of GaoGaiGar, you should watch the show. Because it's one of the first Yusha titles in the early 1990s, known for its multiple-transforming robots combining into one super-powerful robot. The most popular of the series is GaoGaiGar, and Daigunder is its predecessor.

Oh yeah, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles starts airing on Sunday, replacing the second season of Beyblade. The latter show is extremely terrible. The first season was good. This one is just *blech*. It feels that the second season is more of an afterthought more than anything else. And formulaic of the first season too. But with extremely horrible characterization.


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