Thursday, March 25, 2004


Procastinators (myself included) always have this illusion that there'll always be a tomorrow. There's always be later, and later can stretch for as long as it can. One of the speakers in my church several months ago (or was it years?) did mention a story before. It went something like this:

The devil was congregating with the other demons and asking how to sway people from God. One of them suggested that they lie to people and tell them that they (evil) doesn't exist. The devil told them that can't be because people innate recognize that there is good and evil (although they might not necessarily be able to distinguish which is which). But one of them suggested that they tell people they still have "the time to change", and the devil replied that it would most likely succeed, because people always tell themselves "I'll always have tomorrow" to change or to do this and that.


'Tambay' is the Filipino slang word for people who just loiter in a particular area. Of course yesterday on my way to Glorietta (to buy books!... and with the paradox that is me, it's books mostly for other people), there was a film shooting at the MRT station. Naturally, the place was crowded, mainly because a lot of people were watching the filming. Then it occured to me how much free time these people have. Don't they have something else to do? I really can't believe the amount of tambay's that are in the particular area and nothing attracts them more (the cliche goes "like moths to a flame") than a film shooting.

Longest Day of My Life

Not by choice, really. Barring sleep-overs (in which I really don't get any sleep and should be renamed "stay-over" rather than a "sleepover", but perhaps retain the latter so that our parents don't have to worry), this is probably going to be one of the longest days. Mass starts at 7:30 am (hence me waking up at this ungodly hour), there's a practice after that. I then have a few hours of break (or I could stalk the Management and Science people as I watch them practice) and 3 pm is the call time for our graduation. Grad officially starts at 4 pm and could last as long as 7 pm. Then I have to commute home and by 9 pm, there's the "graduation dinner" for me and my sister (hopefully it's not a Chinese restaurant).


Elbert Or: I'll just wait for you at the end of graduation so that you can accompany me to return the togas.

Charles Tan: Errrr, it's going to be a long wait. There's the rest of the alphabet: P, Q, R, and S.

Elbert Or: You're right. And there's all the Tan's...

Charles Tan: Actually that's not really the case. Most of the Chinese are in Science and Management. Their graduation is tomorrow. There ain't as much Chinese in the Humanities and the Social Sciences.


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