Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Would You Rather This Be A Blank Page?

Let's face it. With my limited budget and me a self-imposed prisoner in my own house, there's really not much to tell. So you'll have to put up with my philosophical ramblings. At least until I get a job. Then you'll hear me complaining about call centers...


Me being paradoxical, last Monday I did manage to gather the enery to go to Fully Booked (which is legally known as Sketch Books, Inc. according to their receipt). And since their newer books are reasonably cheap, I thought I might as well get a discount card. At P700, I'll need to spend P7,000 worth of books to break even (since 10% of 7,000 is 700). Well, I'm a quarter done...


It's March and I've only read three books. And all of them happen to be leftovers from the previous months (i.e. read it before and only finished reading it this month).

Hopefully Two Books Doesn't Take Forever

Robert Jordan Interview.


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