Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dour As Usual

Slowly been staving off depression for the past week and well, tomorrow's the inevitable day of graduation. Strangely enough, it's also tomorrow that we're having our graduation practice (practice in the morning and graduation in the afternoon means it's a whole day affair) so it's a stark contrast from my grade school and high school days where several days (if not weeks) are spent practicing for the graduation ceremonies.

Of course it occured to me to ask, how memorable was the speaker of your graduation? Sure, I mean some people do remember their own graduation, especially when they were on stage. But about the rest of the time? I probably remember more of my grade school graduation practice more than the graduation itself (well, mainly because there were more days spent practicing [and when I say practicing, I mean "singing"] than grad day itself). The same goes for high school as well (but that's probably a repressed memory).

I guess I can't procastinate any longer.

On a side note, I did miss out on the batch's "Blue Roast" event, mainly because I'm too cheap (P350 entrance fee), and it's an evening event (I'm not really the social-type of person despite me constantly wanting the company of others) which I have no ride home.

I've been stuck in my inhospitable (it's dark, it's hot, it's messy... no one would want to live in my room except me) Fortress of Solitude for quite awhile now.

I'm Starting to Dislike This Entry

Bleh. I *dislike* this post. It's so high-schoolish. Rant, rant, rant. Nothing but rants and self-pity.


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