Thursday, December 11, 2003


In the twisted way the world works, the comics my friends have produced all came out this week.

First in line is Carlo Vergara's compilation of ZsaZsa, complete with sketches and a full color spread.

Then there's Marco Dimaano's Angel Ace Next, the latest incarnation of his series.

And Jason Banico has two comics debuting, Cherry Blossom High and Maharlika.

And of course, there's Siglo, the project my friends have been working on for the past few weeks (and I've seen and held!). I'd tell you to buy them all and empty your pockets by this weekend (in fact, I'd probably buy them for you if I wasn't broke) but no one ever listens to me (until it's too late).


Perhaps what surprised me yesterday as the female members of my block all huddled together and talked about the nit and grit of sex.

I guess these are the times I'm glad that I'm invinsible (or people ignore me), as all these info would probably come in handy in crafting a story.


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