Saturday, October 18, 2003


Well, all my exams are over and papers have been passed. Still, as much as I want to spend the next few days relaxing and taking a break, or even splurging, or have a typical RPG game, well, I still have a lot to do.

For one thing, there's my stories which I need to revise by Wednesday, so that we could workshop it by next Saturday - Monday.

And El is asking me to do an article for his not-so-secret project, but he hasn't given me the topic yet. =)


Y: The Last Man movie and Daft Punk anime.

Guilty Pleasures

The new He-Man cartoon as well as the sequel to Beyblade which is currently showing at Cartoon Network during the weekends.


It was traffic hell along Ortigas yesterday. No. 1 cause of traffic is a sale, and well, when Megamall and Robinsons Galleria both have mall-wide sales, chaos ensues.

No. 2 cause of traffic was Bush's entourage since he's here today, making his speech, but security was already tight since yesterday.


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