Monday, April 21, 2003


That might as well have been my prison number. Today as enrollment and one of Ateneo's latest efforts to streamline the enrollment process is to assign people random numbers on their regform. That number would dictate their place in line. So if you got number 14, thereotically, you'd be the 14th person in line to get priority.

Of course my reg has been screwy ever since they released my grades. I didn't even have a reg form back then. And even until now, it looks like I'm not even enlisted. It feels like the secratary lost my file or something.

Anyway, so even if I came to school early (staying awake with less than five hours of sleep), I was letting people go ahead of me. I mean I encountered people with registration numbers like 26, 130, 214... and then there's the gap from 200+ to 2000.

I guess I can be glad that I'm not the only person with a four digit registration number. There's like two, three other people. And at this point, I'm glad I'm in Humanities, because usually it's only the people in Science or Management who have required summer classes.

Of course the far from perfect enrollment method requires you to be at school in the morning for your required classes and again in the afternoon for your non-required subjects. And even if I went through the checkers during the morning, I had to undergo the entire waiting procedure and letting people go ahead of me during the afternoon. And then when I finally got to sign up for my class, the slots were already filled.

And I had to go various departments (since the Creative Writing program is both in the Interdisciplinary Studies department and in the Fine Arts deparment) just to confirm and eliminate from my reg form that I wouldn't take my non required subject because I ran out of slots.

Of course I'll have to go back to school tomorrow to pay as well as obtain a new ID. I'm a senior now. 20 years old. Welcome to my last year in Ateneo.

The Martial Artist

Elbert's gone bald. And now of all times, he decided to start retraining in Wushu. Will we see the comic artist convert to a martial artist?

Anime Radar Haywire

I've always prided myself in the fact that I could spot an anime fan a mile away. Too bad it wasn't working when I met Jamie (yes, there are a lot of Jamie's I know of... there's the comic teacher, the friend's ex, the other friend's ex, the friend's friend...) a few months ago in LitSoc. I don't know why it didn't work. Am I losing my touch? Or is it because she's been hanging out with Allen and Liana, thus inhibiting the "otaku" in her. I mean she doesn't act like a fan girl, talk like a fan girl, or even appear like a fan girl. Hmmmm...

Liana's Rich

Well, Liana told me that if she couldn't sign up in at least 6 units worth of classes, her mom will be sending her back to Cebu this Wednesday. And apparently, Liana will go back to Cebu even though she just arrived a few days ago. At least we can always ask her to pimp out Grafic...


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