Tuesday, May 10, 2005

[Book Review] Odds and Gods by Tom Holt

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting used to Holt’s writing style, or if it’s because I’m a mythology fan, but Odds and Gods is the best Holt read so far. Ever wondered what happened to all the deities? Well, they became old, and are now living in a home-for-the-aged. And well, retirement isn’t all it’s hyped out to be.

This time around, Holt managed to grab my attention from the very beginning. His comedy was evident from the start, and despite the huge cast of characters, each one is compelling and enjoyable. There’s even a recurring character from Holt’s earlier books, and his role in this one is indeed fun (no prior reading necessary!).

Odds and Gods seems to be a polished-up Tom Holt. He’s shifting into high gear and there really aren’t any dull moments in the book. It’s his best book so far, and I’m really interested in reading what he’ll come up with next.

This book is sheer fun, and as long as all you’re expecting is a good laugh, Odds and Gods will do the trick. It’s funny from the first page down to the last. Not much to complain about, at least in my book, and highly recommendable to virtually anyone. It helps if they can appreciate British humor.


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