Wednesday, August 30, 2006

[Blog Entry] Tech Links for the Week

Tech Links for the Week

Sorry, I've discovered my inner techie. Actually, this is just for the first half of the week...

What first comes to your mind when we speak of technology? For me, it's robots! That's why the world's first robot museum should be something to drool over. Just be sure you're able to differentiate the humans from the robots.

Then there's transportation. Well, a trailer capable of carrying a car is nice and all aesthetically, but speaking in practical terms, why would I need a mini-garage when my home is already mobile? Unless you're Optimus Prime reincarnated into a trailer.

Strangely enough, for a guy who claims not to listen to music (and working in a music magazine), mp3 players are close to my heart. Literally turn your iPod into a jukebox with this, uh, jukebox. Or maybe you want something fancier, and the mp3 earrings I posted three weeks ago doesn't suit you. Maybe you're more of the yoyo type. And nothing more timely as well considering Universal is offering its music free to combat piracy.

I'm also in love with flash drives, but I have yet to own one. Maybe when Toshiba's 16 GB flash drive hits the market. But perhaps what's more innovative is it's U3 technology but don't let me bore you with that. 16 portable GB...

You also won't need to go to IMAX theaters to view videos in 3D. Check out this 2D/3D TV. Or maybe you want a wider view of your computer screen.

I used to play video games back in the day, so I'm really surprised when Sonic is a game available for Nintendo's Wii (yeah, I know Sega is now a third party developer...)

It's sad when your Samsung Blu Ray DVD player doesn't play those 50 GB discs. Well, not as sad as Japan ordering a probe on Apple's batteries. They should look closer to home though...

Oh, and Sea Lab may not be far off. Well, at least the resort version of it.

Lastly, for all you artists out there, save the trees! At least with this sketchpad, you can upload all your drawings to the computer.


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