Thursday, August 24, 2006

[Blog Entry] The Never Ending List of Links

The Never Ending List of Links

Bleh. It's just the middle of the week and my "must-click-link" list is already long.

The first link is for all you iPod users. As supposedly consumer-friendly Apple is supposed to be, personally it seems that it messed up quite a bit with the iPod (their Macs are excellent though). What irks me about the iPod is that when you plug it into a computer that's not your own, say goodbye to all those mp3s. Well, apparently, you can prevent that by turning off the auto sync, or so my friend says. Either way, I'm happy with my Zen Vision: M (what does M stand for anyway?).

Oh, and for you Death Note fans, here's the first half of the first movie. You'll have to bare with the watermark though. You can always wait for the DVD to come out in a few months.

By the way, you guys know that Stephen King Radio Station right?

It's a good thing too because you might be spending your nights listening to it instead of watching Stargate SG-1, as it hasn't been renewed for the 11th season. Stargate fans will just have to settle for Atlantis.

Of course with Turner Broadcasting censoring smoking from all its cartoons, that might not be the only show that goes byebye.

Which is sad considering there's this new portable media player which plays everything, including DivX videos. The funny thing is it also has a GPS antenna, so you'll have no reason to get lost. Just don't hand it over to someone like Seijuro Shin.

I guess you'll have to settle for watching your own home videos using this spy camera which is disguised as an ordinary screw.

On a related note, the future is almost here with robot snakes, phaser guns... I mean hi-tech mobile phones, and invisibility spheres (it's the sphere that's "invisible").

Or maybe not. Remember the Flintstones?

Nerdy geeks or bread afficionados will probably appreciate the mold resistant bread box. Build it from scratch!

Oh, and if I get this backpack, maybe people will stop teasing me about carrying such a big bag...

Remember Bubble Boy? Well, if there's a sequel, it'd probably be water ball.


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